India: Karnataka

Week 2 – 26 May 2020

Cuisine Selected By: Mummy

Since we had selected Bihar in the previous week, Lovely Mausi suggested that we choose a state from South next, then West and finally North, so that there will be variation in the dishes. So, mummy picked Karnataka for her turn.

Since I had lived in Karnataka for around 8 years by then and had experienced both Mangalorean & Bangalorean food, I was pretty excited. I suggested so many dishes & websites to everyone and they decided to cook from my suggestions.

Mummy cooked Mysore Dosa with Karnataka style Sambhar & Coconut and chana dal with curd Chutney for breakfast. She cooked Mango Rice with chutney made of curry leaves, steamed mango, ajwain & gur for lunch. For dinner, she made Mangalorean fish curry & Karnataka style chicken curry.

Reena Mausi made Chicken Kori Ghassi, Neer Dosa & Cundale Manoli without Cundale. She said her Neer Dosa was breaking when she folded it, which she had made with rice powder.

Lovely Mausi made Mysore Masala Dosa for lunch. She made Neer Dosa, Kori Ghassi, Kadle Manoli (kundari with chana), Pineapple kesari for dinner. She had used soaked rice then ground it and added coconut to make Neer Dosa.

I cooked Lemon Rice using the rice from the PG mess and got sambhar from there as well.

Amita Mausi made Uttapam with Muli chutney for breakfast. She made Mangalorian Lobster & Akki Roti for lunch. She also made Aalu Bonda with coconut chutney. She put lots of crushed cauliflower, carrots , onions & peas in Uttapam and aalu bonda. Amita Mausi was also wondering how everyone’s dosa was crispy while her always gets stuck in the pan.

Since I had suggested a lot of recipes & website which were not used, here is the list of all the unused links:

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