India: Bihar

Week 1 – 19 May 2020

Cuisine Selected By: Amita Mausi

This was our first week, so Amita Mausi picked Bihar since everyone would know the dishes and we would not have to research too much.

Amita Mausi had an ingredient crisis as she didn’t have Sattu, Makhana and a few other ingredients which she needed for planned dishes. She made dahi chuda, ulta & muli-palak saag for breakfast. She used brown sugar instead of jaggery. Anku didi suggested that they should make a Bihari non-veg dish too, so they made Bihari Boti & Aalu Baigan Chokha. She made Dal Pitthi but improvised a little by adding a little oil to the flour and mixing it with Dahi. So it was very light & soft. They made all this for lunch.

Mummy made Litti Chokha with Tomato Chutney and Suji Ka Khoya Bhara Gulab Jamun for breakfast and Dalia with Badi ki Sabzi for lunch.

Reena Mausi made Bihari Fish decorated with tomato & coriander along with Gur raita and Aalu Chokha. She remembered that Nani used to make Aalu Paratha with tomato sauce, coriander & red onion, so she tried to recreate the same.

Lovely Mausi made Dal Pitthi with Baigan Bachka for lunch. And her dinner was quite elaborate. She started with Sattu drink. The main course contained Bihari Kabab, Mooli Chutney, Lal Saag with Lal Chana, Aalu Bhujia & Dal Poori. And for dessert, she had made Sattu ka Muthalla.

When I shared my plan for cooking Besan Ki Sabzi, Amita Mausi remembered her childhood when Nani used to make it in Dhurwa. They called it Machhli Petan.

Since Amita Mausi & Lovely Mausi both made Dal Pitthi, I got confused if I had ever eaten this. Then I found out that I hadn’t and I wasn’t the only one. Anku Didi, Oaj & Rig were trying it for the 1st time as well. Lovely Mausi said that she had made it for the 1st time a few years ago before Oaj or Rig were born.

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